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How It Works

First we fill out a Checklist

  • You can fill it out with us or on your own
  • Creates a snapshot of your current web presence
  • Forms the basis of your Service Plan

Then We Design a Service Plan

  • We perform a Technical Audit
  • We calculate the number of hours you'll need
  • We tell you exactly what you'll spend

The Initial Setup

  • You provide back-end access to your website and social channels
  • We finalize your Content Roadmap
  • We get rolling!
Tracking and Approvals

Tracking and Approvals

  • We send you a Monthly Performance Report
  • We track your traffic and ranking
  • You get to approve all web content in advance!
It’s like hiring an amazing team at an employment agency – you get top talent without interviewing, you don’t have to find a place for them to sit, and you scale up or down at anytime.
Mark Hall
President, The Whitestar Group

Digital Marketing is hard work.

Outsourcing your digital marketing is easy.